Day 5 – Ramblings

2 kgs down which is a great achievement! It’s nearly a week since I started, and I feel good about being on this healthy lifestyle kick. But I’m also feeling rather sick on Keto and I’m avoiding food altogether now. I know that isn’t healthy and isn’t going to help me.

I’m tempted to go back to the Atkins which is similar anyway. In the past I’ve lost a lot of weight on Atkins. I know it’s early days yet and I’ll stick it out for the rest of this cycle but I am open to trying something I know has worked in the past.

I realized today that I’ll be missing the gym at the end of the week because I’m going away. I was actually disappointed! I could do another early morning before I leave on Friday. I am influenced by the temperature! Zero degrees! It’s hard to get up on these chilly mornings.

Work also heavily influences me. I have a busy work life, lots of meetings, lots of stress. I am so tired by the time I get home, I plonk myself in front of the tv and relax until bedtime. How do I get the energy to go and exercise? My mind wants to but my body doesn’t listen. Is it my age?

Work life balance is important. I haven’t found the secret of maintaining/achieving this yet.


Day 4 – The Gym

I heard the church bells at 6am. Time to get up and get to the gym. I spent all last night thinking about an excuse to get me out of the early morning session I’d booked. It was a very chilly  – 4 degrees here. Not the greatest time of the year to start an early morning gym routine! But I did it. I got out of bed, braved the cold and went to the gym.

I am very nervous about going to the gym. I’m not sure why I get so anxious but walking in there and seeing all the fit people working out is really daunting.

I met up with the trainer who showed me how to use the various weight machines. She also put together a program I can follow for the next few weeks. Once I get into a gym routine I’m going to get a personal trainer to work with me once a week. That will help me keep on target and help keep me motivated.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed working out. I’m not sure early morning workouts are for me but you never know. Trying something new was great, and I felt great afterwards. Onwards and upwards!

Day 3 – Harder than I think

Today, I’ve struggled.

Back to work after a 3 week holiday. I didn’t have time to make my breakfast so I decided to skip it rather than eat something ‘bad’ on the go. Big mistake. By morning tea I was starving. I didn’t have time to stop for a break so kept working through until lunchtime. I ate protein and felt that I was full, but an hour later, I was hungry again.

By the time I got home from work, I was feeling very hungry but felt really sick at the thought of eating a ‘Keto’ meal from my plan. I forced myself to cook and eat one of these meal and, although I felt full, I also felt really sick and can’t imagine eating this way for much longer.

I’m not sure why I am struggling with this so much. Is this normal? Is this what they call Keto flu? If this is the case, it’s horrible!

I had planned to go to Pilates at the gym this afternoon after work but unfortunately, I had a meeting that ran late so I didn’t make it in time. Tomorrow morning, I have a very early gym session. All day I’ve been thinking about how I can get out of it! But since it’s booked, and I don’t want to have to phone up to cancel (how embarrassing would that be!?) I am going to go anyway. It’s one early morning, one session.

I can do this!

Day 2 – Meditation…

Who knew meditation would be so difficult!

Perhaps my expectations were way too high, but I just couldn’t meditate. How do you know when you are meditating correctly anyway?

I sat in front of a candle with incense burning, closed my eyes and …. nothing. I’m not sure what I expected but there was no relaxing involved. It didn’t help that the neighbour was out mowing his lawn and there were kids playing across the road. They were two distractions I couldn’t ignore.

I’m guessing I should have done a little more research and actually learnt what to do. I thought it would be easy. Loads of people meditate, I see it all the time in magazines, on tv, kids are even meditating at school!

It’s still early days; only Day 2, plenty of time get this right.

Day 2 of diet – I’m HUNGRY! These portion sizes are way too small!

I’m hanging in there though!

Day 1

The journey has begun! It’s the start of a new chapter in my life. For almost 4 years I have been enduring an horrendous break up and divorce. Finally, it is over.

Now it’s my time. It’s now time for me look after me – to focus on healing my mind, body and soul.

I have 2 main goals…

  1. To lose 15kg
  2. To take part in the local Park Run (but walk)

In order to reach my goals, I will be doing the following…

  1. Following a Keto diet, including no food after 6pm
  2. Exercising at the gym at least 3 times a week
  3. Meditating daily
  4. Journaling
  5. Reading one non fiction book a month

Today, I started my Keto diet. I weighed in at 79.1kg which is overweight for my height (165cm). I have lost a lot of weight before using the Atkins diet but, once I hit my forties, it’s been really difficult to lose any weight. I’ve tried many different diets, but nothing has worked. I’ve been following the Keto Low carb diet on Facebook and seen amazing results, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I joined up to a website which supplied a specific diet for my needs. The meals are really quick and easy to prepare which is perfect for my lifestyle.

I must admit; I did struggle with my eating today. I was very hungry for most of the day. The portion sizes are very small and I’m just not used to eating so little. Once I was able to eat at lunch, things improved. I didn’t cheat though – I managed to use all my will power and avoid stuffing my face with junk.

I did go to the gym for my first session. I got up early and was there by 7.30am – a great time because no one else was there. One of the trainers set out a cardio plan for me which I attempted. I was so exhausted after the first 20 minutes! I’ve made plans with the trainer to attend another session to learn how to use weight machines. I think weights will be important to tone up and assist with weight loss. I’ve never done weights before and I am a little anxious about working out in front of others.

I am sure I will be very tired and sore tomorrow, but I feel so good about making a start. I have great hopes for achieving my goals!